I'm Gonna Getcha Good!--Shania Twain
Never Had A Dream Come True--S Club 7 最近开始听这首歌的,太好听了
Any Man Of Mine--Shania Twain 还有这个
My name is --Emimem阿姆的经典之作
Happy Boys & Girls---Aqua 他她们的歌很活泼
Barbie Girl--Aqua
When You Say Nothing At All--Alison Krauss细心品味,我很喜欢这首歌的
Candy Shop--50 Cent 相信很多人听过吧
Back to you--Bryan Adams
The Power Of Love--Celine Dion
I COULD BE THE ONE--Donna Lewis 声音很甜
Without Me--Eminem 又一首阿姆的经典之作
Don't Turn Off the Light--Enrique Iglesias
Any one Of Us--Gareth Gates 经典
American Idiot--Green Day 朋克乐,我很喜欢
Boulevard of Broken Dreams--Green Day
Moonlight Shadow --Groove Coverage
Yesterday Yes A Day--Jane Birkin
Because You Live--Jesse McCartney 人又帅歌又好
When You Believe--Mariah-Carey 很多地方介绍这首经典的
Nothing gonna chang my love for you
We Will Rock You--Queen 摇滚中的经典
better man--Robbie Williams

Welcome To My Life--Simple Plan
All the Things She Said--Tatu
my love--westlife 不得不听的一首歌
Wake Me Up When September Ends--Green Day
Live For Love United--来自45位超级球星的共同演绎
Do I Have to Cry for You--Nick Carter
there you'll be 珍珠港主题曲
格莱美_小甜甜布兰妮_girl in the mirror

席琳.迪翁-my heart will go on-我心永恒(电影泰坦尼克主题曲)
席琳.迪翁-there you`ll be(珍珠港主题曲)
英文歌 - 席琳·迪翁-昨日重现_yesterday once more
proud of you(挥着翅膀的女孩英文原装版)
stop! stop! stop!(恋爱百分百的英文版)
欧美金曲 - 流行 - 英文 - 英文经典歌曲 - endless love 无尽的爱
英文06 - 世界上最动听的歌 - heal the world_michael jackson - 欧美经典流行歌曲精

英文版 刘德华 一起走过的日子(love is only just a dream)
在此等待-right here waitting

fools garden_柠檬树—lemon tree
groove coverage - only love
后街男孩-show me the meaning of being lonely.mp3
玛利亚凯莉 惠特尼休斯顿_when you belive
西城男孩westlife-fool again
bon jovi_it's my life(crush)反恐精英主题曲
一首听了令你想哭的悲伤情歌 steelheart-she’s gone
proud of you(挥着翅膀的女孩英文原装版)
take me to your heart
blue foundation - as i moved on
(英文版)the day you went away(第一次爱的人)
仙妮亚唐恩shania twain-01-i`m gonna getcha good-red
so in love(超好听,爱在哈佛主题曲
英文歌曲 - 英语经典 - 《狮子王》今夜爱无限
英文经典情歌-the one you love
johnny hates jazz - turn back the clock
backstreet boys --crawling back to you
bon jovi_02 - say it isn't so
britney spears_小甜甜布兰妮 - sometimes_sometimes(...baby one more time)
current 93 - soft black stars
baby one more time
we will rock you
never say goodbye
women in the love
just so you know
summer dream
When You're Gone-艾薇儿Avril Lavigne
Hey OhTragédie -悲剧演唱组
As Long As You Love Me-后街男孩(Backstreet Boys)
god is a girl(上帝是个女孩)-Groove Coverage舞动精灵乐团
别碰我 Don't push me-sweetbox(糖果盒子)
Because Of You凯丽· 克莱森 -Kelly Clarkson
I Want It That Way- 后街男孩(Backstreet Boys)